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No Dental Insurance?

Our Memberships save you even more!

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Enrollment valid for 12 months.


Free X-Rays & Exams All Year!

ALL NEW PATIENTS require a full comprehensive exam and x-ray. Most insurance companies cover this at 100%. If you do not have insurance -- you will also receive x-rays and exams at no cost, as many times as you want after enrollment. 

One Free Standard Cleaning!

After we take your Exam & X-Rays, your first standard cleaning will be on us! When you come back for your 6 month cleaning -- you will receive 15% off our regular cleaning fee and if you need any additional X-Rays they're still free!

Save 15% on General AND Cosmetic Services!

As a member you will receive 15% off our office fees for all general treatment which include fillings, extractions, deep cleanings, root canals, and much more.

Additionally, you will save 15% on all cosmetic services from teeth whitening, veneers, & cosmetic fixes for a healthy smile to look exactly how you want. These procedures are not typically covered by most insurances at all, so our membership could be a great option for you.


Invisalign and Implants are the only treatments that do not receive 15% off.
They will instead receive a set discounted member price.

Looking for How Much Services Cost?

Text our Patient Coordinator, Christian, at (215) 724-6666 to ask any questions regarding treatment cost, arrange your first appointment, enroll in our membership program, or anything else!

Discounts apply to most treatments with few exclusions.

Enroll today at no charge or contact us for any questions!

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